iChange Calorie Counter

iChange Calorie Counter

Let’s face it, when it comes to healthy eating, creating a protein diet or following a low carb diet, it takes discipline. iChange is built on the idea that it’s easy to know what to do but it’s difficult to do it.

iChange is a calorie counter and step-by-step interactive nutrition journal to help you monitor your daily caloric intake and create a healthy eating plan. iChange is a great tool to manage your weight loss program, track calories burned after a workout, monitor fluids consumed and more.

People don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan.

Use this nutrition journal to monitor and create a balanced diet, as a calorie counter to monitor daily food intake and to keep yourself on track.

Most diets and weight loss programs fall apart because they are self-directed. You know the rules you are supposed to follow, but you find that after a few days or weeks, it becomes challenging to stick to them. That’s where iChange does things differently. It creates accountability. iChange will help you find support and guidance so you stay on track.

Manage your iChange program from anywhere without the hassle of having to go to a clinic, a gym or a support group. The entire experience can be conducted online or on your mobile device.
Feel like your cravings are starting to kick in? Let your wellness coach or a support group know, and get ideas on how to quell them. Don’t know what to order at the Italian restaurant? Get a quick recommendation to keep you on track. You don’t understand why your progress has stalled but you seem to be following your weight loss program. Let your wellness coach rework your healthy eating plan.
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