Weight loss – why is it so hard? 5 Tips to dropping extra pounds.

Weight loss – why is it so hard? 5 Tips to dropping extra pounds.

Do you remember at the beginning of the year, what is probably the number one new year’s resolution? I want to lose weight, eat healthier, and feel better. I know I’ve set this goal for myself many times, only to see it fall the minute I’m faced with serious temptations.

Why, oh why, is this weight loss so difficult?

There are many reasons, but a common theme would have to be that it requires a lifestyle change to lose weight – and keep it off. Prior to becoming an Herbalife distributor and getting serious about nutrition and the mistakes we make, I sure loved my processed foods and sodas, diet, of course, thinking I was doing the right thing if drinking a soda with zero calories.
Boy, was I wrong. I have cut over 95% of sodas and processed foods from my diet. The question I want you to ask yourself is, “do you really want to change your life or are you looking for an instant fix?” Ever try to buckle down and work out and eat right for a few weeks, lose focus and go back to your comfort zone, back to your old habits? Let’s face it, change is uncomfortable.
Many weight loss programs fail because they require such a drastic change in our lifestyle so quickly. These programs cause us to eventually hate them, no matter how enthusiastic we felt about them at first. Ever have the yo-yo effect from dieting? I have!
Here’s the question people ask me. “Ok, let me get this straight. You expect me to go from being overweight and having bad eating habits to eating fruits and vegetables and these great Herbalife supplements, cutting out junk food and working out every day?” Yes. Yes, I do, but hear me out.
“Well, wait a minute. If I had the self-discipline to do that, I wouldn’t be overweight. I would already be in good shape.” This is a common response.

I understand that change is difficult. Remember this. For change to happen, the pain of staying the same has to be very uncomfortable for us, so uncomfortable that we see change as our only relief from the pain.

Why is it that someone can get so focused after a heart attack or being diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol? Sure, some of these issues we can’t control, but we can control many of them by maintaining a healthy weight and keeping our BMI (body mass index) within a reasonable range.
We must be ready to accept change, embrace it, really embrace it and make it a part of our lives. You will make the change when you decide the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing your lifestyle.
I don’t claim to have all the answers but these few little tricks could make a difference:

  • If you don’t like working out, find something that you can make fun to burn calories. There are tons of ways. Use the internet as a tool to look up activities that you would enjoy.
  • Commit, commit, commit to a healthy breakfast. An Herbalife protein shake can make a difference. It did for  me. After fasting for 8-10-12 hours, your body deserves it. A donut and coffee is not the answer. If you can just change that one habit, you will see results.
  • Cut back on sodas if you must drink them. Eventually, you can eliminate them. Imagine me standing in front of you making a homemade soda and you watched me put in 10+ teaspoons of sugar, the average amount in a can of soda. What kind of facial expression would I get from you? Remember that the next time you go to grab a soda.
  • Use a smaller plate for dinner tonight. Little things add up!
  • If you have to have that cheese cake for dessert, take 2 or 3 bites and stop. You got that taste you wanted. You didn’t deprive yourself but you eliminated 60% of the calories, sugar and fats.

Lastly, like most things in life, it’s a numbers game. If I told you that you naturally burn off 2,000 calories a day without working out, it would make sense to not eat more than that to minimize weight gain. Well then, here you go!

30 pounds overweight?

Put a plan together to help speed up your metabolism, cut down on carbs, raise your protein intake and increase the amount of water you are drinking. Sounds hard but it’s not.
1st month:    8 pounds down. Lose 2 pounds a week. Very doable.
2nd month:    8 pounds down. Lose 2 pounds a week. We’re on our way.
3rd month:    8 pounds down. Lose 2 pounds a week. Almost there.
4th month:    8 pounds down. Lose 2 pounds a week. You did it! Now let’s maintain it!

In four quick months, we did it. Does it take a game plan? Do you need to stay focused? Does it take a commitment and sacrifice? Is it doable? Yes, yes, yes and yes. It can be done!

” Look better. Feel Better. Live Better. “

James Shaw
Wellness Coach

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