Fiber. To Take or Not to Take. That is the Question.

Fiber. To Take or Not to Take. That is the Question.

If I said to you, “eat more fiber and potentially live a longer, healthier life,” what would your response be? Would you say, “fiber is full of carbs and is going to create weight gain?” Believe it or not, fiber can help you lose weight, is found in many delicious foods, and can help you avoid common diseases. This article summarizes a recent American Journal of Medicine study, and vividly shows that most Americans don’t get enough fiber. It also provides guidelines on how much fiber you should consume daily and mentions the types of foods that are filled with fiber.

An earlier study conducted by the National Institutes of Health, found that a diet high in fiber reduced fatalities from heart disease, respiratory illness, or infectious diseases by 56% in men and 59% in women.

In addition to my multi-vitamin (and other supplements), I personally take Herbalife’s Garden7 every day to ensure that I get the proper amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Bottom line, eat more fiber.

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