Herbalife, a global nutrition company located in over 85 countries, has been helping people pursue a healthy, active life since 1980.

If you are looking for healthy food supplements or just want to lose weight, Herbalife’s nutrition, weight management and personal care products can help.

A weight loss plan is at your fingertips.

Herbalife starts with great products and proven science. Herbalife is dedicated to developing innovative, effective products that comply with the highest research, development and manufacturing standards in the industry.

Research and Development

Herbalife is committed to setting the standard by which all nutrition companies are measured. In 2011 Herbalife spent approximately $25 million on the combined areas of research and development, technical operations, scientific affairs, quality assurance/quality control, product safety and compliance.


Quality Assurance

Product integrity and safety have always been Herbalife’s top priority. Herbalife invests in new technology and research as part of their commitment to providing innovative science based nutrition products.

The Herbalife quality team conducts regular audits and inspections of suppliers and contract manufacturers to ensure compliance.



In the U.S., all Herbalife products comply with and are labeled according to the Food and Drug Administration.


Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB)

As an extension of Herbalife’s commitment to quality and scientific integrity, Herbalife has established a nutrition advisory board comprised of leading experts in the field of nutrition and health who help educate and train Herbalife distributors on the principles of nutrition, physical activity and healthy lifestyle.


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