Change Fat Storage to Fat Burning

Change Fat Storage to Fat Burning


The problem with many diets, to include a low carb diet, is that they take too much time and are too complicated.

There is a large amount of planning involved with a healthy diet. Even when following the diet, the weight does not come off very quickly. In fact, most of the time a person will only lose one or two pounds a week when first starting a diet. This can be disheartening and lead to the oh-so-familiar yo-yo effect.

When someone steps on the scale and sees a two pound weight loss when they think it should be more, they are likely to spiral out of control, quit the diet and resume their poor eating habits again.

The road to weight loss begins with a simple step: that you motivate yourself to take and transform into a difficult and never ending journey of discipline and weight loss, motivation and self-improvement.

Healthy weight loss

What many people don’t realize is that losing one or two pounds a week is the healthiest way to lose weight. Losing this amount sets reasonable expectations and leads to achievable goals. If you are carrying quite a bit of extra weight, these numbers can be increased slowly, but in all likelihood, striving to lose more than two or three pounds a week with your healthy diet is a surefire way to:

  1. Burn muscle rather than fat
  2. Become discouraged and give up

Ensure you are getting a proper balance of protein, carbs and fat, yes fat. Don’t get caught up in those low carb diets. Your body demands a certain amount of carbs, good carbs.

Problems with diets

One of the biggest problems that people have when dieting and trying to lose weight, is tracking their calories and exercising enough. Using the Herbalife iChange system will help. If the majority of your diet is fruits and vegetables, the calories that you are taking in are minimal. You should begin losing weight quite quickly.

Using Herbalife’s super engineered foods and supplements will magnify your success. These products combine cutting-edge science with delicious shakes and snacks, so you can shed unwanted pounds.

Whatever happens, realize that this is a difficult and time consuming process and that you are the key to your success. Rather than be overwhelmed, follow your plan by setting small, achievable goals which you are able to meet, and focus on them one at a time.
We are changing the shape of America one pound at a time. Let Targeted Nutrition help you start living a healthier life by instituting a healthy diet plan where losing weight is achievable.

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